seo-is-deadIt seems that SEO has more lives than not just one cat, but a number of cats.  Over the years, there has been a number of claims stating that SEO is dead.  If you were to do a search for the term

[SEO is dead], you’ll see a countless pages worth of content stating that SEO is no more, or reasons why it’s dying.  When I did a search for this query, I got 15 million pages worth of results.  That’s a lot of nay say on SEO.

But the reason why so many people think that SEO is dead is because there are so many meanings behind the term.  In this case, I can see exactly why people think it’s’ dead.  After all, if you believe the old school way, and even the black hat way of SEO, such as tricking search engines, linking schemes, and spam, then of course SEO is dead.  Or should I say, that version of SEO is dead.

The thing is, SEO doesn’t just die.  It evolved, it changed.  In the words of Razvan Gavrilas, “SEO refers to the process of influencing the ranking of a search engine by playing within the guidelines of the search engine.”

Razvan has a post on Search Engine Journal that talks about the “many deaths” of SEO prior to 2015.  In the post, he discusses when SEO “died” the first time, and why it “died” so many times afterwards.  We’ll even see failed predictions on the death of SEO.

Check out his post by following the provided link below!

Search Engine Journal: The Many Deaths of #SEO Before 2015