Mark Zuckerberg Announces New ‘Clear History’ Option & More At Facebook’s F8 Conference

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On Tuesday, Facebook kicked off the F8 Developers Conference with a keynote from CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“This has been an intense year. I can’t believe we’re only four months in,” said Zuckerberg.  Undoubtedly, he was referring to the situation he found himself in when Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica for exploiting user data.

After mentioning this, Zuckerberg gave a brief overview of recent announcements the site made surrounding data privacy issues and actions it was taking to safeguard user information.  Zuckerberg spoke about how Facebook is now limiting the data available to apps, as well as the app removal tool it rolled out last month, making it easier for users to delete unwanted apps.

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Source – Amy Gesenhues

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