Mobile-AdvertisingThere has been a newly released study from eMarketer that says display advertising is eventually eclipse search advertising this year for the first time ever in the US.

It’s expected that, in 2016, marketers are going to spend more on banner ads than any other type of digital advertising, which includes video advertising, rich media, and and sponsorship.  The spending ratio is for ever 5 dollars spent on all types of digital advertising this year, 1 of those dollars will be going towards banner advertising.

Although banner ads and “other” types of advertising will take the cake in terms of ad dollars, the amount of money spent on ads that is expected to go towards video advertising will be considerable as well.

Video will make up 14.3% of ad spend, up from 12.8% last year, while ad spend on rich media is expected to grow by 36.4% of “out-stream” and in-feed ideo ad formats.

The majority of these video ad dollars, which makes up 28.5% of projected digital ad spend in the US, will be spent on desktop.  This means that this is the only ad unit in which marketers are spending more to display them on desktop than on mobile.

As we already know, mobile is very important for advertisers in this day and age of online marketing, especially when you look at the numbers.  Out of the 22.58 billion expected to be spent on digital advertising, 77.5% of that is expected to be spent to reach people on mobile devices.

Source – Matt Southern