Marketing Land’s FAQ: All About How Twitter’s “New Improved” Timeline Works

Twitter logo On Wednesday, January 10th, Twitter introduced its new timeline, the very timeline that was rumored to have made the #RIPTwitter hashtag trend on the social platform.  It was this trend that also caused Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, to jump into the fray to quell users’ fears that Twitter was giving up what makes it different and unique, and not try being like Facebook just to grow.

When the experience rolls out, the users of Twitter might just let out a sigh of collective relief, and relax.  Based on what is said on Twitter’s own blog post and Marketing Land’s briefing with Ameet Randadive, who is Twitter’s VP of revenue product, there are some things we can now safely know about the new Twitter timeline.

There is an FAQ article written by  that tells us all we know about the new timeline, what it is, and how it will affect users’ experience on the platform.

If you’re curious to find out more about the new Twitter timeline, check out Ginny’s FAQ article on Marketing Land and learn all about it!  Just follow the link I’ve provided below to be taken to the article.

Marketing Land: FAQ: All About How Twitter’s “New Improved” Timeline Works