matt cuttsAccording to TWIT.TV on June 24th, Matt Cutts, the former head of search spam of Google, was approved to extend his leave through the end of 2015.

Matt first went on leave in July 2014, and then further extended his leave back in October.  Then, a month ago, Google let loose the information that Matt has been officially replaced as the head of web spam.  The only difference here is that Google didn’t disclose who the new head of search spam was.

Matt told the host of TWIT.TV, Leo Laporte, how nice it was that Google allowed him to extend his leave with Google through the rest of the year.  At this point, the company isn’t paying him.  Google only paid him for a small portion of his leave.  But what Google is paying for is Matt’s health insurance.

There are options in which Matt is considering after his leave ends, which includes staying with Google.  Because he was officially replaced as head of web spam, it seems pretty evident that if Matt does make his triumphant return to Google, it won’t be under that title, as he was acting is a lightening ride for web spammers.  If he comes back, it’ll probably be under a different roll.  Another option is to work somewhere else, or not at all.

Most of this was said in the pre-show, which wasn’t recorded.

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