mobile searchLast week at SMX West, people got to hear from Google’s Matt Cutts.  In his talk, Matt claimed that he “wouldn’t be surprised” to find that mobile search finally exceeded desktop queries this year.  It seems that Mister Cutts isn’t the only one who feels this way, because a Google speaker said the same thing at a roundtable discussion at the International Franchising Association conference in New Orleans earlier this year.

When asked about for an official statement from Google, they declined to provide one, since they don’t want to alienate mobile and PC search.

At this point, the comments that have been made by Matt Cutts and the speaker from the International Franchising Association conference refers to global query volumes, not in the US or North America.  In these countries, PC searches are still number one in search compared to mobile queries.  In other countries, specifically developing countries, such as India, more people are searching using their mobile devices over PC.

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