Matthew Barby’s Recipe for Success: How to Launch a Successful Blog

Blog 49006 640 Doing a blog can be an interesting experience for those who feel they have something to share with the world.  It could be that it’s a live diary that shares what a person is experiencing in his or her everyday life, or it could be a blog about a more specific subject, whether it is for fun, or for business.  There is almost an unending amount of things that a person can share with the world while blogging.

Sure, you could blog strictly for the fun of it, and you’re good.  It doesn’t matter who reads your posts or not, you’re having fun getting your thoughts out there, and that’s all that matters.  But there are those who actually want to put work into their blog site, and they care about whether it flops or not.

So what do to get your newly launched blog to be successful?  Obviously, there is no simple, one step solution to the problem.  Matthew Barby has gone through this process of trying to figure out how to go from a brand new blog to something that actually has become successful.  Almost a half year ago, Matthew and his partner, Laura, began work on their food blog site, Pescetarian Kitchen, but naturally, they couldn’t just throw something out there and hoped it stuck.  It required some research into the practicalities of it.

So how did they become the blog site that they are now?  Matthew has written a blog post for Moz.com, and has given us his recipe for how to launch a successful blog.  So, how did he do it?  How did Matthew and Laura get to where they are now with their food blog?  Check out his blog posts on Moz by following the link below!

Moz Blog: My Recipe for Success: How to Launch a Successful Blog