Maximize Clicks has just been rolled out by Bing Ads to all accounts globally, which was first introduced in 2017.

With the Maximize Clicks strategy, the system will automatically set and adjust bids to get the most clicks for the daily budget.

Just like Google, there are controls to this feature.  Bing Offers the option to set a maximum CPC at the campaign level, which gives advertisers a bit of manual control over how high the system can bid.

Also, if there are high performing keywords or ad groups in a campaign that you’d like to continue managing manually, you’ll have the ability to select “Use the bid I set” from the bid strategy type drop down at the keyword or ad group level.

According to Bing, you should let the strategy run in a campaign for at least a month before analyzing results to determine whether it’s working, “as our bidding models use that time to learn and optimize.”

The goal to the Maximum Clicks strategy is to bring in the maximum number of clicks to your site while staying within your budget.  It doesn’t have anything to do with how well that traffic ends up performing on your site.  You’ll want to keep this in mind, especially if your business goal is to generate qualified leads or sales at a certain return.  You should keep a close eye on how this traffic performs on the back end with this bidding strategy, assuming you choose to use it.

If you are using a third-party bid management solution, most likely, you won’t be able to use Maximum Clicks.  “With Maximize Clicks, Bing Ads will set all your bids where you’ve turned on the feature. This means that Bing Ads would likely overwrite any bids set by a third-party bid management tool,” said Haily De La Cruz, a Bing Ads program manager.

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