google-logo-874x288google-my-business-logoTypically, when you’re setting up a Google My Business page for a single location, it’s usually pretty cut and dry.  You don’t have to worry about several professionals butting heads to get seen on Google+ properly.  But there are those businesses that are filled with multiple front-facing professionals and departments, such as medical practices and law firms.  With businesses like these, there is the struggle to trying to understand the best way to handle how customers view them online.

When dealing with these sorts of businesses, it can get even trickier when you’re trying to manage Google+ pages since there are a number of guidelines and best practice solutions that everyone needs to adhere to when using the Google My Business product.

So there is an important question that arises from this situation.  How should you go about setting up Google My Business pages when you’re dealing with these sorts of businesses?

Fortunately, we’ve got ourselves some help.   has written a post on Search Engine Land that advises us on how we can set up Google My Business so every practitioner in this business is his or her own “brand”.

So how will this work?  Check out Will’s post by following the link provided below.

Search Engine Land: How Medical Practices & Practitioners Should Set Up Google My Business