There some folks who have been around in the early days of the search industry, and it brings back memories of the early days. Barry Schwartz met up with industry vet, Mel Carson, at his office in Seattle to discuss some of the earlier days in the industry.

For Mel Carson, he began his career in search back in the LockSmart days. LockSmart was an early search advertising platform that came out before the days of Google (Google came to the scene in 1995). Mel worked in the company, which was during a time when it was the 12th most visited site on the internet at the time. He even worked with Microsoft to help with adCenter, Microsoft’s search ad platform, and then Bing Ads, and now Microsoft Advertising.

Then, he started up his own firm called Delightful Communications and has been one of the biggest supporters of the industry over his almost 20 years in the space.

Check out the video interview below:

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