Messaging Tips That Will Help You Drive Sales (Infographic)

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As public social posting loses its luster, direct messaging has become the new engagement trend. More and more people are turning to DMs for authentic social connection, and platforms have taken notice by enhancing DM features. This shift presents a major opportunity for brands to establish direct relationships with consumers through messaging.

With so many DM options now available, from social media platforms to website chatbots and messaging apps, smart marketers should incorporate direct messaging into their strategy. Building real-time conversations at scale allows you to understand customer needs, provide helpful assistance, and guide buyers towards purchases.

In this post, Instagram outlines 4 key messaging tips to boost sales, as highlighted in the accompanying infographic:

  1. Creating ads that invite users to start a DM chat with your brand. This makes engaging frictionless.
  2. Writing effective welcome messages when a new chat begins. You only have moments to hook them.
  3. Having saved message templates ready to keep conversations productive and personalized.
  4. Preloading answers to frequently asked questions, enabling quick, helpful responses.

Leveraging these proven messaging strategies will help you connect with customers, build relationships, and drive more sales. Read on to see the infographic and how to seamlessly implement these powerful DM tactics.

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