Meta Announces Updates to its Ad Campaign Set-Up Process, Helping To Better Align with Primary Objectives

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In December of 2021, Meta decided to sneak in one last update of the year in an announcement regarding some changes the company is making to its ad objective listings in Ads Manager. These changes will simplify and streamline the campaign set-up process by enhancing the focus on practically relevant options and tools.

As explained by Meta:

In order to effectively guide advertisers to optimal campaign setups, we’re redesigning the objective selection experience when creating new campaigns in Ads Manager. We’re moving to an outcome-driven ad experiences model (ODAX), where advertisers can select their designed business outcomes (e.g. Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, Sales) and the interface will guide advertisers to the most optimal campaign setup/creation paths to achieve that outcome.”

A lot will be changed and you’ll notice the overhauling of the Ads Managers interface and the such.

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