Microsoft Advertising announced Wednesday that Microsoft Advertising Editor users can use AI-powered recommendations and campaign-level associations, which can optimize campaign performance and make bulk campaign management easier.


Using AI, the Recommendations feature will “automatically provide recommendations that will improve your bids, keywords, and ads, boosting the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.”

According to Microsoft Advertising, users will notice little lightbulb icons appear, which are meant to “highlight actions you could take to make your serving campaigns perform better, such as improving bids or adding new and more effective keywords to your ad groups.”

Campaign-Level Associations

With campaign-level associations, users will have the ability to apply audience targeting at campaign-level. With this feature, advertisers can target associations at either the ad group or campaign level. The only down side is both can’t be targeted at the same time. Now that you can apply audience associations at a campaign-level, “you no longer need to apply the audience targeting to each of the ad groups and then change each individual bid boost.”

Sources – Microsoft Advertising and Search Engine Land