Screen-Shot-2014-07-16-at-7.34.26-AMYesterday on The Verge, a story appeared saying that Microsoft isn’t allowing Lumia 8.1 users to set Google as the default search engine for mobile web browsing on the device.  The article points out that the search button on the handset utilizes Bing, and can’t be switched.  This all makes sense to a degree, as the device IS a Microsoft/Windows phone.  But on the flip side of the situation, I’ve seen Android and even iOS devices allow for different search apps and programs to be set as the main service.

The Verge has said that there are some European carriers that are allowing users to change the IE/browser search to Google.  But how true this is, who knows unless we are given proof that this is happening.  By not allowing your users to switch to the search engine of your choice, Microsoft might be getting into something they don’t want to be getting into.  People want what they want.  Let them have the choice.  If they want Bing, fine.  But if they don’t, don’t force them to use it.  That’s not ok.

Instead of forcing what people are using, perhaps they should try making the experience with Bing and and Cortana a worthy one, and compelling as well.  Then perhaps people would be more complaint when it comes to using the search engine on the devices.

According the the sources from comScore, the US market share for Windows phones aren’t doing so hot.



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