MicrosoftDespite the fact Android is on its way to being the dominant global operating system (Android has a 51.6 percent share in the US smartphone market during the month of June 2015), its US market share is pretty much flat and roughly the same place it was back in 2012.  During the same time period, Apple has managed to gain, while Microsoft seems to have take a slide, according to comScore smartphone market share data.



What hasn’t stayed the same was the iPhone, which gained about 12 points of market share during the same three year period, based on the comScore data.  During the same time frame, Microsoft saw their smartphone share decline slow and steadily.  Windows Phones went from 3.4 to 2.9 percent over the past several quarters.  This is the lowest share percentage for Microsoft’s mobile OS since comScore started reporting the data.

Despite this information, Microsoft isn’t going to be giving up on their Windows Phones, although it seems that the company is backing away from its own mobile OS and moving towards focusing on Android and iOS instead.


Looking at the above table, you’ll see comScore’s top 15 mobile apps, which is measured in terms of audience reach.

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