The Middle Path of Marketing – A Philosophy

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The-thinkerToday seems like as good a day as any to be philosophical.  But, don’t worry.  We will make sure that this post remains as philosophically focused on marketing as we can.  For a backdrop, we will be learning about the “middle path” in philosophy.  What is the middle path?  As you may be able to figure out on your own, the middle path is the concept that promotes balance between two extremes.  Basically, you don’t want to go too little, or too far with anything, as going to those extremes isn’t a good thing.  This concept is something that can be applied to just about anything, including marketing.

We could go into a deeper discussion about the middle path philosophy, but we’ll leave that to Mark Meyerson, who includes more details about the concept in his YouMoz blog post on the middle path philosophy.  The focus of this blog, as well as Mark’s blog, is ultimately applying the middle path concept to online marketing.  The concept can be applied to every aspect of online marketing, which can include Web Design, SEO, PPC, Analytics and Strategy.

In this realm of discussion, making sure you aren’t lazy, or you don’t work too extremely is the key.  We could also call it the Goldilocks zone.  Not too hot, not too cold, but just right.  In Mark’s post, he includes situations and examples of this form of online marketing, including backlink profiles and content creation, and why it’s a good idea not to go to little, or to hard on any marketing strategies.

To get all the details, you can follow Mark’s link to his YouMoz post and really sink your teeth in to the information.

YouMoz: The Middle Path of Marketing – A Philosophy

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