blog2When you look at a newspaper, a website or a blog, what would be that first thing that you see that would determine whether you read the article?  The headline, or in other words, the title of the piece.  The title of an article has to be able catch your attention.  It has to draw you in and make you want to read the article or blog piece.

But unfortunately, the truth of the matter is, not everyone is writing their titles correctly.  Sure, every article or post has a title, but they don’t always catch your eye and capture your attention.  You see it, find it boring, and you just pass it by without even a second thought.

What if you could be taught how to write the perfect headline for your content?  What if you could write a headline that would get anybody to click on it and read your content?  But even if you could write the perfect headline, that won’t mean you’ll instantly get conversions, or even fans.

Headlines are certainly an important part of writing for an audience.  But how important is that click to you?  How badly do you want that click that will insure people come to your post, but at the possible cost of them not caring about what you wrote because your title was TOO big for its britches?  Or do you want to go for credibility, but risk not getting nearly as many clicks?

This is only the first part of an article written by , who wrote the Moz Blog post entitled Is that Mind-Blowing Title Blowing Your Credibility?  The rest of the article also talks about the purpose of a headline, as well as some of the secrets of what makes headlines clickable, among other topics.

To find out more about Isla’s article, you can run on over to and find it in the Moz Blog section, or just follow the link found below.

Moz Blog:  Is that Mind-Blowing Title Blowing Your Credibility?