Mission ImposSERPble 2: User Intent & Click Through Rates

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Different-intentsBack in mid 2011, Slingshot SEO wrote a post on Moz entitled Mission ImposSERPble: Establishing Click-through Rates.  In this article, Slingshot sowed a study that discussed organic CTR across the SERPs.  In this study, it showed you could make use of data to uncover insights and trends.  But, as with many things, this study has aged.  And as we’ve seen, Google has changed quite a bit since then.

Andrew Martineau has decided to use the original Slingshot CTR study as inspiration for a new post.  Andrew’s Agency, Catalyst thought it would be a great idea to take a look out some of their CTR data and see what is going on in the minds of searchers and their proclivity for clicking on the different organic results in Google search.

To read up on Andrew’s full article, follow the link below:

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