google-logoDuring the last week of June, it looks like the average mobile cost per click (CPC) for brand keywords began shooting higher than they were originally.

Andy Taylor, Merkle’s Senior Research Analyst wrote in a blog post this past Friday that the median Merkle advertiser has seen CPCs rise somewhere between 25 to 30 percent above what was seen in early May.


When it came to to desktop and tablet costs, it seemed that nothing strange or abnormal happened there, as they continued fluctuating within normal ranges.  Another point that remained stead through the same period for Merkle advertisers was mobile traffic share.

During the first quarter of 2015, Merkle saw a jump in brand CPCs across all devices.  At the end of the second quarter, brand CPS for the median advertiser was 22 percent higher than the historical average of the last four years.

You’ll want to think about gradually lowering mobile brand bits if you are seeing similar increases in your own accounts, as Merkle is saying that many advertisers did in response to the CPC increases last year.

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