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Mobile auditWelcome to the ever changing world of SEO and online marketing!  You probably know a few things about it, right?  That’s why you’re here.  One of the subjects that has been looming around our heads for a while are mobile sites.  For a while, as a site owner, you probably had to think if building a mobile site was a good idea for you or not.  Now, we’ve moved past that question.  The new question isn’t if you should make mobile, but how do make a good one.

For those of you who are panicking at the idea of making a mobile version of your site (for those of you who hasn’t made one yet), don’t worry too much about it.  All they really are are smaller versions of your original site, but built for a small screen.  Everything else just links to your main site.  This post focuses on the idea that you’ve created a mobile site, and you want to be sure everything is all good with it.

Are you one of those people who are making the move to not only making sure the mobile site you’ve made works, but works well?  Kristina Kledzik has written a post on the Moz blog that will help you.  She’s included a checklist that will help you look at all the aspects of mobiles sites that are both overlooked, and even broken, as well as optimization options that can be pretty easy to miss.

So if you’re working on a mobile site, follow the link below to make sure you’re not missing out on any important factors in your mobile site audit!

Moz Blog: Mobile Site Audit Checklist

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