mobilenetI bet you all weren’t aware of this, but these days, mobile is pretty big.  According to a statistic by , the global internet usage from mobile devices was 12 times the amount of data that was used for the entire internet in the year 2000.

Ok, I lied.  I’m pretty sure you all knew that mobile was pretty big in this day and age.  This is why Bridget says that more businesses these days need to be more mobile friendly.

It just seems that all these companies aren’t doing things quite the way they should be done.  Pop up ads, automatic mobile redirect are among things that are being done to tear down the user experience on mobile devices.

Bridget has written an article based off of a presentation she gave at BrightonSEO centered around the strategy small businesses should be taking that would help them compete with large businesses.

Check out the article here to see what Bridget’s strategies are for mobile: