mobile300Mobile is a big, big thing these days.  When will you not find at least one to ten people on some mobile device when you go out for some errands?  It’s a big thing.  You could look all around on the web and find stats that proves just how high the mobile stats are getting.  Because of the increase in mobile use over desktop, there are are changes in the basic consumer behavior when it comes to how people use their computing devices.

With this knowledge, it’s important for marketers to keep up with the latest mobile trends, as it could mean the difference between life and death of their SEO campaigns.  Are you sure that your SEO campaigns are ready for the mobile market?  We hope so.

 has provided us with some key 2013 stats that are pointing to the rise of mobile, as well as the shift in consumer activity.  Also, Lionel has been kind enough to write about the rise of mobile commerce and the consumer purchase behavior.

If you are interested inf finding out exactly what Lionel has written about in regards to mobile and the consumer behavior behind it, follow the link below: