mobileSmart phones and other mobile devices are a huge deal these days.  Everywhere you go, you will find somebody with their phone out, checking email, or surfing the web.  I’ve even found myself with my phone out as I was out on a walk on a beautiful sunny day.  The growth of people using smart phones has been predicted to be constantly growing through 2017.  Even today, it’s thought by eMarketer that the number of people using smartphones globally will top 1.75 billion in just this year alone.

This is a great opportunity for advertisers to get on the mobile bandwagon if they haven’t done so already.  But it seems that mobile isn’t always created equal.  What works for one mobile platform may not necessarily work for another.  But what mobile platform works the best?   has an article out for Marketing Land that will help clear up this question.

In John’s article, you’ll see not only what sort of advertising works the best on what platform, but some interesting data to go along with it.  Check out the link below to get the details on the situation!

Marketing Land: In A Mobile World, Not All Mobile Performs Equally For Advertisers