armageddonThe last time we checked in with the Mobilegeddon situation, it was only a week after the mobile friendly update was released to the world.  Now, we are a month into the mobile apocalypse, and the big question is, how much of an impact has the big update made on the world of search?

As we know, when the update was first announced, there was the thought that when the beast was finally unleashed, there would be potentially world ending mobile ranking dips for a number of sites.  But now that it’s been a month since its release (the release date was April 21st),  there is the industry wide conclusion that the hype surrounding Mobilegeddon was a little exaggerated.

There was a small, concentrated study done by the folks at Search Engine Land that focused on a range of small to mid-sized legal firms, and found that not much really happen to these small businesses.  Granted, a number of these firms probably spent a small fortune on upgrading their site to take advantage of the mobile side of search.  But in the grand scheme of things, the mobile friendly update didn’t make nearly as big of an impact in the local small business market as everybody claimed it would.

If you’re curious about reading more about the details of the study, you can check out the Search Engine post, written by .  Just follow the link below and read up!

Search Engine Land: Mobilegeddon A Month Later: Small Business Study Shows…. Nothing Happened