mobilegeddon-smartphone-ss-1920It’s been over a month since Google released their mobile friendly update, and most marketers have not only lived through Mobilegeddon, but have managed to move on.  They were able to move easily for the most part, because the impact form the update didn’t seem to have much of an impact overall.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that all sites made it through the storm.  Based on the data, there were sites that weren’t just hit, they got slapped around by the mobile update until they were bleeding on the ground.

In a post written by , five different sites that were hit hard by Google’s mobile update are examined, as well as five queries that defiantly still need some work.  If you’re curious about what sites were hit hard, as well as the five queries, check out Bryson’s post on Marketing Land.  Check it out by following the link provided below.

Marketing Land: Mobilegeddon Hits and Misses