One of the prominent parts of organic search results is Google’s Knowledge Graph.  Many searchers these days are pretty used to seeing the panel that appears on the right side of the search results page that provides information about entities, like people, places and brand.

There are lists of people and companies who strive to acquire, maintain and monitor a Knowledge Graph listing.  But right now, it seems that there isn’t any easy way to report on Knowledge Graph performance and changes.  Back in 2016, Google’s John Mueller mentioned that links in the Knowledge Graph panels count in the Search Analytics report in Google Search Console.  But in the end, we still have no idea about the algorithmic aspect of Knowledge Graph rankings and changes.

Again, we know that accurate and detailed Knowledge Graph results are sought after by different people, brands and companies, but there are some who have actually found a way to actively monitor their listings, and  is sharing is method for doing so in a Search Engine Land post, which you can find by following the link below!