The Month Google Shook the SERPs

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Google-search1Oh Google, how you like to keep us SEO and online marketers on our toes.  You’re such a goose that way.  It seems you’re always doing something to change things up and make things interesting for those who work in the SEO field and making us earn our money.  Even though we know Google means well, and that they’re simply trying to make sure everything is as fair as possible for those who are doing their fair share of work to get to the top of the SERPs, any time they do something, it can cause more work for everybody involved in SEO and online marketing.

Over the past month, from June 28th to July 28th, there were four major shake-ups that involved the SERPs and that they were beyond the typical organ results.  Dr. Peter J. Meyers has written up a post a post that goes into some detail about these four major shake-ups and how they can affect us.

What are the four things that changed over the course of the month?

  • The disappearance of Authorship photos
  • In-depth goes deeper
  • Similar to the authorship photos, videos begin looking like radio with the drop of video thumbnails
  • Simply put: Pigeon update

To read more about these four shake-ups, check out Mr Meyers post on the Moz Blog.  You can also jump directly over to the article itself by following the link below.

Moz Blog: The Month Google Shook the SERPs

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