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Recently, a study by market research firm Bastion db5 came out that had over 1,300 respondents in the advertising, marketing and PR industry.

The following are some of the numbers that came of the study:

  • 60% of respondents don’t believe their company is “evolving with the times to meet employee needs” fast enough.
  • C-suite execs believe they’re doing much better at evolving to meet employee needs (50% believe their agency is “at the forefront”) than their own employees – where only 24% of respondents felt their company is “at the forefront.” And ad agencies are even further behind (where only 18% believe their firm is “at the forefront”).
  • Top concerns included work/life balance, job security, ageism, and fair pay.
  • Many believed their company is not doing enough to help them in their careers. Barely half reported they received “regular performance reviews” and a whopping 44% did not feel their company “provides a clear path to raise/promotion.”
  • Most execs (75%) felt their organization “encouraged teamwork/collaboration.”
  • 27% of all respondents said they’re not personally fulfilled in their role.

Source – Marketing Land