online-privacyPrivacy is a pretty important thing to many people.  And you know what?  I’d venture to say that everybody feels that privacy is pretty important.  Privacy can become a real driving point when people go online.  A vast majority of Americans want to be able to control their information online and who gets access to it.  But, it seems that respondents of a Pew Research Center survey are resigned to fewer online protection and less privacy.

After all, we have heard about the Edward Snowden leaked documents about widespread government surveillance by the NSA and hte cascade of news stories about the revelations continue to ring with the public.  In another poll, about 43% of adults have heard quite a bit about “the government collecting information about telephone calls, emails, and other online communications as part of efforts to monitor terrorist activity,” and another 44% have heard “a little.”

There is a post, written by  that talks about how US consumers are broadly skeptical about online privacy protection claims.  IN his post, he shows us some of the data that was drawn from two related consumer surveys that was conducted in Q3 2014 and Q1 2015.  Check out Greg’s post by following the link I provided below.

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