Moz Blog Results 2013

Surveys md If you’re in the SEO business, by now, you’ve probably heard of Moz.com.  You probably aware that SEO is what they’re all about.  The other month, Moz did a survey with over 760 participants that targeted the Moz Blog.  It looks like the results are in and they’re pretty darn good.

It seems like there are many SEOs out there who need more than simple guides and tricks to simple strategies that many blogs and sites deliver.  Many of these online marketers need something….more.  In a blog post by Trevor Klein, content and data analysis is where it’s at.  That’s what people really want.

Of course, you’re probably interested in knowing just a little bit more.  Well, Moz has that covered.  If you want all the details, you can get them here, in Trevor’s blog post, All About You: Results of the Moz Blog Survey.  The full set of results are available, and you can get it for free from Moz.

To check out the blog post, and to get the full set of results, check out the link below: