For all the SEOs out there, I’m sure you already know about the Panda 4.1 rollout that happened last week.  According to a tracking study conducted by Moz, there has been an increase in the new formatted quick answers boxes that will appear when you perform search queries.  Since 4.1 made its appearance, queries found within Google, such as

[what is spam] is showing up 98% more often than it was before the new version of Panda was released.  When dealing with general answer queries, which will include stock quotes, weather forecasts, box scores and the like are showing up 44% more often as well.

Below are some shots taken by Moz that help show you what a direct or quick answer is.  Depending on the query, images or photos may or may not show depending on what the user is searching for.  In that case, they are different from the knowledge graph panel in that they appear at the top of the search results.



According to Moz, the day-over-day from September 25-26 in new answer boxes was almost doubling the total number in their data set.  Here is the graphic:


Overall, the answer boxes at the top increased 44% according to Moz’s data: