In an is announcment made on the morning of December 13th Moz has said they have a significant partnership with Yelp.  There are several elements to the deal, but the big feature of this partnership is the ability to claim and manage Yep listings entirely from within Moz Local.  Verification happens from within Moz.

Regarding listings management, it can be for either single locations or hundreds of locations.  This will be most useful for multi-location businesses because it dramatically simplifies the process of claiming and managing content on Yelp.  Everyone will have the choice to skip the call-back Yelp verification process.

The claiming is being handled by a new Yelp API that was developed specifically for Moz. The senior ice president of business and corporate development at Yelp, Chad Richard, said that although Moz was Yelp’s “logical first partner,” other parties  could gain access to the claiming API in the future.  Regarding the possibility, he said that “we’re open to it.”

Dudley Carr of Moz says that they kept hearing that Yelp was a “critical, missing piece” From Moz’s listings management capabilities.  On Yelp’s part, They see the relationship as a way to boost the number of business locations claimed.  Yelp’s Richard has said that claimed listings have a higher chance of becoming advertisers.

If you’re a business owner who has any content that is uploaded directly to Yelp, then you can manage and upload via Moz Local.  Any content or listings updates can be similarly pushed directly through Moz.  Dudley Carr added that Moz encourages customers to fully flesh out their Yelp pages.  “We push people to add more information on profiles; the tool identifies and recommends any missing content.”

Data reflect that complete Yelp profiles outperform those that are incomplete or unclaimed.

Customers of Moz will be able to receive review alerts, as well as have the ability to manage reviews content in Moz Local. In addition, Moz Local customers will access the same metrics Yelp makes directly available to business owners:

  • Business profile views
  • Clicks to the site
  • Clicks for directions
  • Click to call

You can look forward to the new capabilities in early 2017.

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