Moz’s 2014 Annual Report

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MozIn this post, we’re going to be focusing not so much on SEO specifically, but on an SEO company itself.  In this case, it is Moz .  You know Moz right?  They’re a company that started out as an SEO consulting company, and became one of the largest SEO software companies around.  If you don’t know them, or you know them only by name, and you’re in the SEO business, get your rear over to Moz.com and check it out.

But anyway, in this post, we’re focusing on the company itself a little bit more than the SEO aspect of things.  Every year, Moz likes to give up the goods when it come to their finances.  You can check out their 2012 and 2013 if you’re interested in see their past financial reports.  They say it’s a big thing when it comes to TAGFEE.

It’s nice that Moz is willing to share their financial reports with the community.  It makes everything feel more transparency, as well as gives marketers and entrepreneurs a better sense of trust.  According to the current CEO of the company, Sarah Bird, the report is to give us an inside look into Moz.

Although Sarah was planning on have a post similar to the 2013 post, it seemed quite difficult to actually get her 2014 post up to that level.  Also considering that it’s already April and the report still hadn’t gotten out until now, she didn’t really want to make the Moz community wait any longer than they had to.

If you would like to give Sarah’s report a look through, you can check it out on the Moz Blog by following the link provided below.

Moz Blog: Moz’s 2014 Annual Report

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