Moz’s Year In Review

Moz 2013 in reviewWe all have had a big year in SEO.  Moz has had a big year too, and it looks like it’s about time we see an end-of-year-wrap of from them as well.  You’ll be in for a treat as well, as this wrap-up covers a lot of detail of what happened with Moz over 2013, such as their investments, what has happened with their community, and their technical achievements.  Finally, the wrap-up will look forward to the future to see what sort of things are coming down the pipeline for Moz.

Who was the one who decided to write this years Moz wrap-up?  It would be Moz’s brand spanking new CEO, Sarah Bird at the helm!  Last year’s wrap-up was written by Rand, which can be found here.  In case you didn’t want to read up on Sarah’s full Review, you can always check out the nitty gritty, handy dandy 2013 Year In Review Infograph here!

Now that we’ve gone through all that, I’ll bet you’re itching to get to the actual wrap-up!  So, without further adieu,  you’ll find the link to Sarah’s Year In Review for Moz in the link below.

Column: Moz’s 2013 Year In Review: More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Moz, And Then Even More