Mysterious Usage Spike Seen In Microsoft IE, Overtakes Google Chrome

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There is going to be a new browser in town, but it’ll be brought to you by Microsoft.  It’ll be called Spartan (just a code name), and it’ll reportedly launch with Windows 10.  Spartan will come with a range of advanced features, and it’ll potentially make a complete departure from the currently used Internet Explorer.

There are rumors that are making the round about the new browser, which might (or might not) carry the IE brand:

  • It will more closely resemble Chrome and Firefox
  • It will incorporate Cortana
  • It will incorporate “grouped tabs”
  • It will allow users to annotate websites/pages
  • It will work across platforms and devices

Because of Microsoft is preparing the new browser, there has been a spike in use according to data from StatCounter.  Ever since November, there has been a massive spike in the US market.  Because of this, IE has taken the lead from Chrome.  Is this possibly the turning point for Microsoft to be able to take the lion’s browser share from Chrome?

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Original Source by Greg Sterling

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