right to be forgottenWe’ve all heard by now about the “Right To Be Forgotten” court ruling in the EU this week.  In the ruling, anybody who asks for anything to be removed from Google, can have it happen.  Soon, Google will feel a little pressure from what will likely be an overwhelming number of requests.  But in reality, it’ll be more limited than you think, even though the ruling does raise serious concerns.

In a post on Search Engine Land,  has prepared a Q&A post for us to read and discover more about what this ruling really means.

How do you make a renewal request?  Will the content be removed entirely from Google and other search engines?  Who decides if something gets removed?   These are a few of the questions that you’ll find in Danny’s post.

To check out all the question and answers, and to get the full lowdown on the ruling, check out Danny’s post by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: The Myths & Realities Of How Of The EU’s New “Right To Be Forgotten” In Google Works