ht_nationwide_super_bowl_ad_js_150201_16x9_992Another  year has come, another Super Bowl has gone.  One of the things people love about the Super Bowl, besides the game itself, are the ads.  Usually, the commercials that are shown are heartfelt, entertaining and funny.  With another series of commercials that included puppies, horses, dads and Skittles, there was one commercial that took it down a notch or ten.

Nationwide created a commercial that focused on safety (which is certainly a great idea), but did it a depressing way that caused the company to get some flack for it.

With all of the negative reactions that came about on social media, it’s safe to say that the Nationwide commercial had hit the bottom of the commercial barrel of Super Bowl 49.

What did people have to say on Twitter?

As you can see, there were some negative and depressing comments made about the Nationwide commercial. Some where just plain bad.

Following is a chart that shows the overall sentiment that people had over the commercial, according to


It’s interesting that a little less than 40% of people liked the commercial.  Compared to the Budweiser commercial, here’s what people thought of it:



To help back up the claims that the Nationwide commercial was in poor taste, Topsy showed a similar metric on their Twitter account:

As I thought though, as many people in the business would say, any press is good press, even if it’s bad press.  In this case, this means that Nationwide will still come out of the situation smelling like a rose.  After the controversy of the situation has died down, Nationwide will know that their name has been brought up over and over, giving them the exposure that they were planning on from the get go.

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