Native Mobile Apps May Dominate Now, But The Mobile Web Will Endure

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Mobile_serp_adsWe’ve already heard quite a bit how mobile is really making a splash in web search.  More and more people are now using mobile devices to do their online search instead of desktop searches.  But there are a couple of slight differences when you focus on mobile usage.  You have people who use the mobile web, and those who use mobile apps.

Unless you’re lucky and have an incredible budget, you can afford to give customers the experience of both a good web app and a good web search experience.  But most of us aren’t able to afford both.  Recently, Flurry, an app analytics provider, announced that users are still spending more time in apps than the mobile web.

According to Bryson Meunier, that’s a bit of a shame.  He feels this way because a focus on the mobile web is an important aspect of reaching users today and tomorrow.  Even if the apps numbers increases, the mobile web will still live on, strong and healthy.

Why?  Well, Bryson has the answer for that in his Marketing Land  post.  Go check it out by following the link below.

Marketing Land: Native Mobile Apps May Dominate Now, But The Mobile Web Will Endure

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