holiday-marketingThere is plenty of different things we let ourselves go on during the holidays, such as exercising, dieting and more.  There are some things that we might tend to let go a little on in the professional SEO industry during this time of year until it’s completely out of control – rankings.

There are things that we tend to neglect during the holiday season, such as a variety of strategies that help our businesses maintain positioning within the local pack during a high traffic time, like the holidays.  If you are noticing a holiday ranking drop, you may want to begin dealing with it before it gets too bad, and you turn into a Scrooge and say “humbug” to everything until the holidays are over.

After you manage to secure a high local positioning, you have to maintain and continue to keep up with user search trends, even during the holidays.  It’s important that you aren’t neglecting your accounts during the holiday season, so what you should do is implement monthly tracking strategies that will allow you to continue maintaining position with some key tips that  has whipped up for the holiday season in an article on Search Engine Land!

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Search Engine Land: Do You Need Some Holiday Optimization Tips For Remaining Competitive In The SERP?