PPC-blocksNow that we are fresh from Christmas day of 2014, we realize that advertisers and searches are having a bit of a burn out when it comes to ads.  Some would call it suffering from ad fatigue.  One of the reasons why everybody seems so burnt out all boils down to the state in which we find paid search and its features that seem necessary.  Of course, another reason for the burn out seems to be because advertisers aren’t adapting to a PPC world that is always changing and evolving.

As mentioned in a post on Search Engine Land, the idea of ad fatigue was introduced by Larry Kim in May of 2013.  Larry spoke about the “AdWords Jackpot.”  The idea behind this jackpot was, simply, the lack of originality and creativity.  As we have all experienced when Googling something, when we submit our query, we’ll come across our own “AdWords Jackpot” ads that are all similarly written.  For the most part, there aren’t any real different or original ads in that set of ads we’re given.

That was a year and a half ago, and we’re still in a drought of of unique and creative ads.  It would be pretty easy to blame the advertisers, as they are the ones writing the ads, but you have to see it from their side…they are suffering from a lack of creativity because of the sheer volume of clickable options ad callouts.

 is willing to share his findings on ad customizers in AdWords, and discusses on if you should be using this fairly new feature.  Check out his post on Search Engine Land by following the link below!

Search Engine Land: Why You Need To Make Dynamic Copy An Integral Part Of Your 2015 PPC Strategy





Why You Need To Make Dynamic Copy An Integral Part Of Your 2015 PPC Strategy