IMG_1365.JPGThere is a new program being tested by Google that connects people looking for home service professionals with pre-qualified providers in their local areas.  Marketing Land confirmed with Google that they’re running a small test in the San Francisco Bay Area that focuses on plumbers and locksmiths to start.

Google isn’t the only ones in this market.  Others, like Angie’s List, Yelp, Thumbtack and Amazon’s own nascent Home Services program are already playing the game.  But with Google’s entry into the mix could have a significant impact on current players and local service providers.  Currently, the home improvement and repair market represents about $250 billion opportunity in the US, according to Reuters.

With these new ads, searches can find out more about local service professionals in their area and then contact providers directly, or submit requests for a follow-up from the search results.  Any service providers who want to participate in the program have to go through a background check.

If you’re interested in a walk-through of the user experience with Google Home Services Ads, see the complete coverage of the test on Search Engine Land.

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