Google announced today that a new Shopping Campaigns report will begin appearing in the AdWords section of Google Analytics.  As with any update with Google, the report is going to roll out globally over the next few weeks.  Not only do you get the news of the new Shopping Campaigns report, but AdWords users will also be getting the full release  of Enhanced Ecommerce features in Analytics as well.

With the Shopping Campaigns report, advertisers using AdWords will get more insights into product target performance from their Shopping Campaigns in AdWords.

By referencing the screenshot above, marketers will be able to analyze performance by product category, product type or brand.  From there, the marketer will be able to drill down further from there.

What else does the reporting provide you ask?  You will have access to post-click data on conversion as well as behavioral metric, like bounce rate and time on site.  This sort of information can an advertisers’s bid optimization efforts.

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