New AdWords Structured Snippet Extension Is Rolling Out

Google adwords Google wants to give advertisers more control over what shows up in the structured snippets in text ads.  In order to do this, Google is rolling out with structured snippet extensions.

This new extension is a variation on the dynamic structured snippets that was released earlier this year.  These extensions enable you to select the type of values, like amenities, product types, and brands, that makes sense for the campaign that you’re running.  You can add the values  you want included under that list, in any order you desire.

Structured snippet setup


The difference between callouts and structured snippets, according to Google, is that callouts “highlight what makes your business or products or services unique,” while structured snippets should be used to “highlight a specific aspect of the products or services you offer.”  The difference is pretty subtle, as they can be used together.  Just make sure you don’t duplicate what you’re highlighting in both.

Both callouts and structured snippets have a 25-character limit.  At bare minimum, you can show one structured snippet, and the maximum number of snippets you can display depends on the character length and screen size.

Check out the blog post for more details on the difference between callouts and structured snippets.

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