This week, a rebranded startup is launching an AI-powered social marketing tool that it says can boos engagement, and been write the post.

The startup, Post Intelligence, is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2015 as MyLikes by ex-Google execs Bindu Reddy and Arvind Sunderarajan.  The company is rebranding under the new name, where they unveiled a beta of its new intelligent social marketing app for Web and Android, called Pi.

Pi will track social trends and a user’s history of social posts to predict engagement, recommend content, learn what works, and even generate posts.

According to the company. it constructs a deep neural network very every user’s social media feed to build custom models of engagement prediction.  The engagement is predicted as 0 to 10, where 0 is shown to be little engagement, 5 a normal amount, and 10 a boost.  Reddy said that Pi can accurately predict 85 percent of the time where engagement will be less, normal, or boosted, with an 80 confidence threshold.

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