Bing Logo NewIn order to show the estimated impact of campaign changes, Bing Ads has launched a completely redesigned Opportunities Page, which includes factors like increased bids and budget and keyword suggestions.

When you take a look at the new redesign, you’ll notice at the top of the Bing Ads page on the primary toolbar, the new Opportunities Page will display the estimated impact of account changes.


Users can now filter the opportunities by campaign or category, as well as make campaign changes directly within the page.  Some of the upgrades make to Bing Ads opportunities include bid suggestions for better ad placement, and budget suggestions that will allow ads to appear more frequently.

The newly enhanced budget opportunities provides a landscape view of estimated campaign clicks and impressions at a variety of budget amounts to help you make an informed decision with more confidence and less digging for data.
– Bing Ads


Another thing that Bing Ad users can get from the Opportunities pages are keyword suggestions.  This relates to both keywords that are related to current campaigns, and broad match suggestions for any existing exact and phrase match keywords.  The keyword suggestions work well with optimal bid amounts and the estimated impact on the campaign.


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