New Google Ad Label Test With Green Outline On White Background Has Been Spotted

It appears that Google is testing ad label variations in the search results again.  After going from yellow to green in 2016, it seems that the search engine is testing a green outlined label.

@matibarnes on Twitter in he UK shared a screenshot on Twitter Tuesday.

Here’s a larger version of the image:

This is the current green background label:

There were a number of people who questioned Google’s transition from yellow to green ad labeling and whether it made it more confusing to users for distinguish ads from organic listings.  It was during this time that the company said it’s tests indicated that there was no impact from a consumer confusion standpoint.  Google’s director of product management for search ads, Sundeep Jain, said that the move was made primarily to simplify the elements on the page, particularly for mobile.”We want to make it easier for users to digest information on the page, so we’re gradually trying to reduce the number of variations of colors and patterns on the page and bring a little bit more harmony to the page, which is why we reduced one of the color elements on the page,” he told the audience of SMX Advanced last June.


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