google-logo-874x288What is an automated extension?  Basically, it’s a new term that has been given to the thing once known as “annotations” – Consumer Ratings and Seller Ratings which will populate in AdWords ads automatically.

Google being the innovators that we all know they are, Google is retiring the use of “annotations” and simply renaming the term with “automated extensions.”  Any documentation found within Google Reporting and Help Center area of their site will reflect the change.

In the same announcement that Google made about the change from “annotations” to “automated extensions”, it was said that they were rolling out a new automated extensions report as well.  Before this new automated extension reporting, advertisers weren’t given any insights into how ads performed when automated extensions showed up in their ads compared to when they didn’t.  With this new report, AdWords users can now see how ads with automated extensions show up.

If you’re wanting to check out the new report, you can find it under the Vew drop-down in the Ad extensions tab.  This new report is still rolling out and will continue to do so over the next few weeks.

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