There is a brand new Google Earth that has been released by Google for the web and on Android on April 18th, and it includes interactive guided tours, 3D images and a new “I’m feeling lucky” feature.

For this new version of Google Earth, Google partnered with storytellers, nonprofit organizations and scientists to create Voyager, which is meant to be a showcase of interactive guided tours.

The site currently has over 50 tours via Voyager, and more is being added on a weekly basis.  This announcement, which can be found on the Google Earth Blog, lists some of the tours that are currently available.

Start with Natural Treasures from BBC Earth, and journey to six habitats — from islands to mountains to jungles — and learn about the unique and thrilling wildlife in each. Then head to Gombe National Park in Tanzania and hear from Jane Goodall about her team’s chimpanzee research and conservation efforts.

The “I’m feeling lucky” button, if pressed, will randomly surface n image and information for 20,000 different locations curated by the Google Earth team.

One of the cool features that are included is that there is a 3D button that shows any place from any angle.

Users will be able to share postcard images of specific Google Earth views: “When you find a view that leaves you breathless or inspires a fond memory, share a Postcard of your exact view with your friends and family. They can click the link to jump right to where you were (virtually) standing.”

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