Why Is The New Google Keyword Planner Good?

Keyword planner vs keyword tool With the creation of the Google Keyword Planner, which came to replace the Keyword Tool came some negative feedback.  The Planner seemed to be missing some useful functions that people came to rely on.  There was no match type data for search volume, no device targeting, no local vs global monthly searches, and the ability to filter by “closely related” search terms have been removed.

Nothing is perfect, right?  But, with the negative comes the positive as well.  There are reasons why SEOs can like this new tool.  Ryan_Cruz, a contributor at Moz posted an article giving five reasons why he loves the Google Keyword Planner.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

What are the five reasons why Ryan loves the new Planner?  Check out the full article on Moz: