New: Google Lets You Bookmark Local Places From Search Results

Google logo 874x288Have you ever wanted to bookmark places you find on Google Maps?  Well, now it looks like you can!  Google has give users the ability to save places from the Google local box in search results.  Basically, you can bookmark places you want to map now or visit later.

So what is the new way of going about bookmarking places on Google Maps through Google search results?  Google added a star icon to the results, which can be found right next to the place name in the local box.

This is what a Google spokesperson had to say:

When you click on the star icon, your saved place will appear on your map, in your search and directions suggestions, and under the ‘your places’ tab of Google Maps.

As of this moment, the change isn’t live for everybody yet, but here’s how the desktop results look for a Los Angeles hotel:

Google biltmore 800x477

The desktop version isn’t the only way you can see this new feature.  You can see it on mobile devices as well:

Google place tacos 800x465

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